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Anonymous asked:

did you get the profile pictures for the cover by our submissions when we gave our twitter username?

Kinda, as I saw #FalPals tweet I collected them. Whats your Twitter name and I put you in :)

shrillmurray asked:

Can you hold a quick cover design contest so FalPals can have a say in what the book looks like? Like have cover designs due Aug 25 or something?

Sorry but we are running out of time for this book because we have to get it edited,published and send it out to the person going to his birthday show. Its a great idea if we do a book next year! :)


Anonymous asked:

from @cori_muc/twitter/ do you want to put only pics of him with some comments from the fans into the book? my idea, if it's possible- a map of the world with pins on it. the pinheads are pictures of the fans maybe with their real names or twitter names (or the avatar pictures if someone don't want so be seen). i know, most of the fans are from the states, but maybe there are a few from other countries too (like germany :-) )

A map is a great idea! I will talk to the other Falpals about it! :)

Submit your ideas by August 19th!!

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